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Our Process


Fleur Noire, in collaboration with Sustainable Concepts SARL (a Madagascar licensed processor), is dedicated to providing only the best quality and most authentic bourbon vanilla grown in the most remote parts of Madagascar. While vanilla beans are our passion, people are our priority. Fleur Noire sets itself apart from many other vanilla distributors because we acquire our vanilla straight from the source, the local small crop farmers. We avoid the large vanilla auctions and markets all together and drive out to meet the isolated farmers who are unable to bring their crops to market. Our partnership with the smaller more secluded farmers is central to our dedication to the under resourced Malagasy communities and our commitment to the natural and traditional methods of vanilla growing.


We at Fleur Noire understand how precious vanilla beans are and how much effort it takes to produce a quality product. That is why, once the farmers have entrusted their crop to us, Fleur Noire is involved in the vanilla bean process from the very beginning. Our team of in-house experienced professionals, the best that Madagascar has to offer, utilize their knowledge and expertise to produce only Grade A, high quality vanilla beans.  


To us, the vanilla bean is more than just a commodity, it is a community. Vanilla beans have a storied past and are the life blood of many isolated Malagasy villages. We at Fleur Noire ensure to treat the people involved with the dignity they deserve. This helps to build mutual respect among our local farmers and processors which guarantees that our final product is of the highest quality.

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